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Who We Are

The Office of Summer and International Programs (OISP) is dedicated to fulfilling Emory College of Arts and Sciences’ commitment to academic excellence through the development, promotion, and administration of innovative programs that encourage intellectual and personal growth. Through a wide variety of both domestic and international programs, our office provides students with opportunities for deep cultural engagement, experiential connections with the workplace, and challenging summer courses delivered both on campus and online.

Our Values

At OISP, our team is rallied around four core beliefs that serve as our compass and guide.

We believe that a commitment to diversity, equity, and access; academic excellence; and collaboration shape who we are and are ingrained in the programs we offer.

We envision OISP as a global community that allows students to become the next generation of leaders.

We're proud of how our values help us work towards the same common goal and allow us to share a bigger purpose: providing transformative educational opportunities and paving the way for a better future for all.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a center for global learning on campus, we strive to create a culture that embraces a multiplicity of voices and perspectives; and supports and respects a civil and inclusive environment where differences in race, ethnicity, background, religious practice, gender expression, and ability are celebrated, recognized, and respected.

Academic Excellence

Committed to student success by facilitating meaningful academic opportunities and exploratory experiences in and out of the classroom through robust program offerings.


In every aspect of our work, collaboration underpins our efforts.  In community, we strive to help one another to empower the next generation of leaders, generate connections and pathways for students, and eliminate barriers to participation.