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Many of you may first interact with our office in one way, such as through the Emory College Online Teaching Strategies (ECOTS) training, and later engage our teams’ talents in developing a short or long-term education abroad experience.

Annually, over 140 faculty and staff teach in our summer programs. Throughout the academic year, many other faculty lead our undergraduates in our high-touch Emory College Liberal Arts Edge Course (ECS102), interdisciplinary and global internships (virtual or not), education abroad, and other experiential learning opportunities managed within the OISP portfolio.

We have programs that serve high school and visiting undergraduate students, faculty, and international students. We partner with units across the College and the University to offer rigorous hands-on liberal arts learning experiences from the stage to the studio and the lab to the field.

OISP offers numerous international opportunities for Emory College undergraduate students during the academic year and summer through our education abroad program:

  • Semester/Academic Year Study Abroad: Approved semester study abroad programs provide academic opportunities that complement offerings at Emory and allow a high degree of integration into local culture and student life.
  • Summer Study Abroad: Summer study abroad programs are planned and directed by Emory faculty, and generally the courses are also taught by Emory faculty.
  • Summer Global Internships: Global Internships provide students the opportunity to explore how their liberal arts skills translate into the global workplace by completing an internship placement in a company or organization based in a global city (for 8 weeks) while enrolling in an online course (2 Emory credits).

Education Abroad Academic Advisors

As part of their Emory study abroad application process, all students must obtain an approval from their faculty academic advisor in the major department using the Academic Advisor Approval Form. Completion of this form helps ensure that advisors are aware of a student’s study abroad plans and the types of classes they plan to take abroad.

Academic advisors do not need evaluate the courses a student plans to take abroad to determine Emory equivalents. Advisors should, however, inform their advisees of any departmental policies related to semester study abroad (e.g., limits on the number of course that can count toward the major) and be familiar with other important academic policies.

Courses taken during semester study abroad:

  • Will factor into the student’s GPA
  • Can count toward major, minor, and GER requirements (except for the Continuing Writing requirement), or general elective credit
  • Must be approved for an Emory course equivalent

A complete list of academic policies may be found on our Policies and Procedures page.

Faculty Education Abroad Representatives

Faculty Study Abroad Representatives assist our office in annually reviewing the OISP Blanket Approval Database and in assessing students’ course approval requests to determine if they have an appropriate Emory course equivalent. Each academic department has at least one designated Faculty Study Abroad Representative.