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As you start to consider your plans for an international experience you might have questions or concerns. Our advisors are ready to support you through the process providing insights and guidance to all students related to academics, finances, and program options.

Fall 2022 - Virtual Front Desk

General Questions

  • Have a quick question or not quite sure where to start? Please stop by our Virtual Reception Desk

If you are unable to meet during these times please email and let us know.

Semester & Summer Study Abroad

  • If you know your program of interest, please login in to College Connect and schedule an appointment with the relevant advisor.

Advising Process

  1. Explore our Semester Abroad and/or Summer Abroad opportunities to determine which programs are a good fit for you.
  2. Review our "Going Global" videos based on the type of program you that you wish to pursue.
  3. Contact one of our advisors below, based on your selected program, to request a meeting.

Our Advisors

AdvisorSemester AbroadSummer Abroad
Kate Dawson


  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Emory Chemistry Studies Program
  • Emory Economics at LSE Program
  • Emory Iberian Studies Program
  • Emory Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Studies in Paris Program
  • Emory Sociology-Comparative Health Program
  • Emory Tibetan Mind/Body Sciences
Cynthia Zuk


  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • Emory Argentine Studies Program
  • Emory Psychology in the British Isles
  • Japanese Studies Programs
  • Emory Global Health Nutrition in Peru Program
Tanyshia Stevens


  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Italy 
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Emory Art History Program
  • Emory Jewish Studies
  • Emory Korean Studies Program
  • Emory Music in Italy




  • Argentina
  • Chile 
  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica 
  • Spain
  • Panama
  • Indonesia
  • Jordan
  • Morocco
  • India
  • Israel
  • Emory German Studies Program
  • Arabic Language and North African Studies Program
  • Emory British Studies Program
  • Emory French Studies Program
  • Emory Italian Studies Program

Obianuju Okeke


  • International Honors Program (IHP)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary 
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Ghana
  • Rwanda
  • Emory Human Health in Paris Program
  • Emory Biology in Australia
  • Emory Environmental Field Studies in Africa Program
  • Emory Brazilian Studies Program
Jeremy Billetdeaux


  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Korea 
  • Singapore