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Independent Internships

Communication skills were especially important, and this course did an amazing job at highlighting those skills and providing tips on effective communication. I was able to compare my experience to my peers and learn from them. This course was SO helpful during my time at Morgan Stanley. I received a post graduate offer from the firm and will be working there after I graduate!
Senior, Media Studies and Political Science

The Independent Internship Program consists of two hybrid courses (INTERN 496 and INTERN 497) designed for students participating in internships within the United States. Students will integrate knowledge derived from their academic studies with the experiences gained from real-world work settings. A pre-internship workshop, discussion board, and post-internship reflection assignment will help students think critically about the connections between their liberal arts education, field of study, and career goals.

  • Design their own internship experience (utilize Emory Career Center ) and/or other networks to find internship)
  • Obtain a letter for employers that documents they are earning academic credit for an internship
  • Have academic internship credit denoted on the Emory College transcript
  • Earn 1-credit towards total hours needed to graduate

International students taking this class should also work with their ISSS advisor regarding CPT authorization

INTERN 496: Experiential Links to the Major

Students will design their own independent internship to apply transferable liberal arts skills in a professional environment. Course modules will focus on how students can present themselves professionally in remote or in-person internships, leverage skills derived from their academic career in the working world, and explore potential explore potential next steps in their academic and professional career. 

INTERN 496: Apply Now

INTERN 497: Advanced Practicum to the Major

Pre-requisite: Successful completion of INTERN 496. Students will further explore career interests while applying knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to a professional work setting. Pre-and post-internship assignments are constructed to help students think intentionally about their internship experience, career goals, and professional development and articulate the impact of the internship experience.

INTERN 497: Apply Now

Eligibility and Application Process

Intern 496 is open to students in good academic standing who are currently enrolled in Emory College of Arts & Sciences. In addition, students should meet the following criteria:

  • Secure an internship within the United States
Exceptions are made for international students returning to their home country for internship experiences.

  • Internships must take place between May and August

Internships for international students on an F-1 visa must take place during Emory's Summer term (May 10, 2022-August 5, 2022) in order to qualify for CPT.

  • Complete a minimum of 120 internship hours

Any exception must be approved by the instructor based on the number of hours and project-based work completed. There is no maximum number of internship hours

  • Define how the internship experience is integral part of a student’s academic experience at Emory
Students should identify clear goals of what they want to achieve through the internship. Students should seek internships that are related to their short-term and/or long-term career goals. 

  • International students on an F-1 or J-1 visa should work with their ISSS advisor  (link to to obtain work authorization in advance of their internship.

Please click here (link to for additional eligibility requirements and information about Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for international students.

  • Business School students should enroll in BUS 496. Please contact Kelsey Flynn for more information.

  • INTERN 497: if you have completed INTERN 496 in a previous term and meet the above requirements, apply for INTERN 497.

  • Attend an Intern 101 Advising session to learn about the program and ask questions about the application process. Sessions are held October through April.
  • Start your application  once you have received an internship offer. Applications open in February and are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis. 
  • Submit a one-time $50 processing fee at the time of application. Fees will be submitted via credit card through the online application process. No refunds are provided.
  • Completed applications will be reviewed for approval within 10 days of submission. A letter of approval is available upon request.
  • International students must meet with an ISSS advisor  to submit a CPT request. Please click here for more information about CPT authorization.
  • OPUS enrollment takes place in early May and will be completed by OISP.
  • No fees will be required of students for INTERN 496 and 497 beyond the $50 processing fee assessed at the time of application. OISP will work with Student Financial Services and the Office of Financial Aid to post an award amount to cover the costs of INTERN 496 and INTERN 497 for all participants.  Please see Policies for more information about the tuition waiver.

Emory Summer School (on-campus) and Emory College Online Courses

Students are able to take additional courses while enrolled in INTERN 496 or INTERN 497.  They may enroll in Emory Summer School (on-campus or online) courses that are conducted prior, during or after their internship has concluded. 

OPUS Registration

The Office of International and Summer Programs will enroll all participants in the appropriate course in OPUS in early May. 

Withdrawal Policy

Should you decide not to pursue your internship you must notify OISP immediately at International students should discuss potential implications of early withdrawal with their ISSS advisor.

Accessibility and Accommodations

Students with medical/health conditions that might impact academic success should contact the Office of Accessibility Services to determine eligibility for appropriate accommodations. Students who receive accommodations must present the Accommodation Letter from OAS to the classroom facilitator during the first few weeks of class or when the accommodations are received.

Honor Code and Code of Conduct

Students will abide by the Emory College Honor Code and the Undergraduate Code of Conduct. Any violation of either Code will result in actions that may include a written warning or dismissal from the course.


Students will receive an acceptance letter that can be provided to their employer as documentation of their participation in a credit-bearing program. No external (employer-provided) paperwork will be signed. 

Before Your Internship Begins:

  • Arrange housing and other logistics.  For students in the Atlanta-area, on-campus housing is available in summer term. (link to
  • Attend a 1-hour pre-internship workshop which is held in early May. Details will be sent to participants via email